Our Philosophy

We are Daniel and Shaun, and we love to explore abandoned buildings and other derelict and forgotten places.

It started, growing up in rural New Brunswick, Canada, exploring an abandoned one-room school house, the occasional empty unused barn and even a couple of homes that had been walked away from never to be lived in again.

Since then, we’ve explored all sorts of exciting places, from abandoned soviet mining towns in Estonia and an abandoned mountain-top hotel in the Azores, to places closer to home like the Nova Scotia Textiles Limited factory in Windsor, N.S. and what’s left of the military outpost on Partridge Island just off the coast of Saint , N.B.

Our philosophy is pretty simple. We capture what we see through photography, so others can witness the beautify of what’s left of these bewildering places.

We abide by the following guidelines:

Respect the property. We look, we explore and we photograph, but we never wilfully cause damage. If we can’t enter a place by simply letting ourselves in, then we consider it off-limits.

Respect the artifacts.  We never take souvenirs. To do so is not only stealing from those who may never be coming back for them, but also from others who may stumble across them and be as intrigued as we are by what we find.

Respect the abandon. A place is no longer abandoned when it becomes overrun by explorers, so while we hope you enjoy our photos, please don’t ask for details on how to find the places we photograph.

Respect the mystery. Our photos are shared with very little narrative or explanation. We let the photographs speak for themselves, and we encourage you to imagine what you see as it once was.

Abandoned scrap book artifact.
This scrapbook was found in an abandoned soviet housing block in the Estonian town of Sirgala. While it would have been a pretty cool souvenir to bring home, we left it as we found it, out of respect for whoever left it behind.